Keep Your Winter Glow Around The Clock

It’s amazing how we become excited when the seasons change. Winter is often associated with snow-covered trees and crackling fireplaces. Winter also means lower humidity, and we turn on our heaters to dehydrate our skin. As the cold weather causes us to crave warm drinks such as hot cocoa or pumpkin spice lattes, we tend to forget that these drinks are dehydrating our bodies and can also affect our skin. This results in cracked, dry hands, chapped lips, and sensitive, itchy skin. The longer winter lasts, the more difficult it is to maintain a healthy glow. How can we still enjoy the winter wonderland without looking dull, dehydrated, or shriveled? Here are some “round-the-clock” winter skin care solutions:

When you Sleep:

We lose a lot of moisture when we sleep, particularly if the room is heated by central heating or radiators. Use a humidifier to add water to the air, and your skin will be more hydrated. Never forget to use a night cream. The BeautyPrep Moisturizer contains Rose Essential Oils, which hydrate your skin and soothe irritations while you sleep. You will notice the difference in the morning.

In the Morning:

Drink a glass of water immediately after you awaken. We lose water when we sleep, so we rehydrate. Reduce the temperature of the shower. Hot water tends to dry out our skin. We recommend that you add BeautyPrep Hyaluronic serum to your morning skincare routine. This serum is made up of two types of hyaluronic acids, which allow your skin to retain 1000 times its weight in moisture. It will make your skin feel silky!


We have already mentioned that caffeine and sugar are bad for our skin, so you may want to consider avoiding a second cup of coffee. We recommend that you take skin Omegas with your breakfast. These powerful supplements improve skin’s moisture retention and reduce irritation. Your skin will look and feel less textural, as well as stay more hydrated.

Your Makeup Routine

Hydrating products make a big difference when it comes to applying makeup. They can improve the appearance and feel of your skin. Liquid Minerals can be used to create a hydrated skin tone. Liquid Minerals, a formula with liposomes that create a dewy, moist finish, is a winter favorite for makeup professionals. Try our Cream Blush for a hydrating flush. This formula is made from Macadamia oil, which gives your cheeks an amazing glow.

Every Hour:

All of us must maintain and touch up our looks throughout the day. It is an excellent opportunity to remind yourself to stay hydrated. If you can, drink water every hour. Keep your lips moisturized with LipidDrink Lip BalmSPF 15. The formula is free of petroleum and packed with essential oils. You’ll also love the lemon flavor. Don’t forget the D 2O Hydrogenation Spray, which will add moisture to your skin and soothe it with Chamomile or Ylang-Ylang.

Every little bit of moisture that we add to our daily routine will have a cumulative effect. Let us know how you get on by adding one element each week and then another. Enjoy the winter!