How YouTube Beauty Tutorials Got Me Through My Mother’s Cancer


In the unpredictable journey of life, unexpected challenges can test our resilience and coping mechanisms. For me, the daunting reality of my mother’s battle with cancer became a poignant chapter that reshaped my daily life. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, an unexpected source of solace emerged—YouTube beauty tutorials. This is a narrative of how the virtual world of makeup brushes and eyeshadows became an unexpected lifeline, offering comfort, distraction, and a renewed sense of hope during my mother’s cancer journey.

The Initial Impact: Escaping Reality through Beauty Videos

As my mother embarked on her challenging cancer treatments, the weight of the situation often felt unbearable. Amidst hospital visits, chemotherapy sessions, and emotional turmoil, YouTube beauty tutorials became a surprising escape. The soothing voices of beauty influencers, the mesmerizing transformation of makeup looks, and the artistry behind the tutorials provided a much-needed distraction from the harsh reality we were facing.

Creating a Ritual: Makeup as a Therapeutic Practice

As the days unfolded into long nights filled with worry, I discovered the therapeutic power of makeup tutorials as a ritual. Watching these videos became a calming routine, offering a reprieve from the emotional rollercoaster. The intricate details of blending eyeshadows and mastering contouring techniques provided a sense of control at a time when so much felt beyond our grasp.

A Bond Beyond the Screen: Connecting with Beauty Influencers

In the vast world of YouTube, beauty influencers became more than just entertainers—they became companions in my solitude. Through the screen, I connected with these creators on a profound level. Their vulnerability, authenticity, and passion resonated with me, creating a bond that went beyond the makeup they applied. In a period marked by isolation, this virtual connection became a lifeline, reminding me that I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

Beauty as a Form of Expression: Reclaiming Control

Cancer often robs individuals of a sense of control over their lives. In this context, the world of makeup offered a unique form of empowerment. Experimenting with makeup looks, even if only for a short while, allowed me to reclaim a sense of agency. The colors, textures, and creativity became a canvas through which I could express emotions that were difficult to put into words.

Distraction and Joy: Moments of Light Amidst Darkness

During the challenging moments of hospital stays and medical appointments, YouTube beauty tutorials provided a much-needed respite. Whether it was a quick makeup hack, a lighthearted beauty challenge, or a glimpse into the daily lives of influencers, these videos became moments of joy and distraction. In those instances, the weight of the world momentarily lifted, replaced by the simple pleasure of enjoying makeup content.

Community Support: Finding Strength in Shared Experiences

The beauty community, often criticized for its superficiality, revealed a compassionate side that became evident through shared stories of struggle and survival. Beauty influencers, some of whom had faced their battles with illness or loss, opened up about their experiences. Their stories of resilience and hope served as beacons of light, fostering a sense of camaraderie and reminding me that strength could be found even in the most unexpected places.

Learning and Growing: Makeup as a Catalyst for Self-Discovery

As my mother’s journey unfolded, I found that the makeup tutorials I once turned to for distraction became a catalyst for self-discovery. Experimenting with makeup allowed me to explore facets of my identity and creativity that had remained dormant. The tutorials, once a means of escape, transformed into a tool for personal growth and resilience.


In the midst of adversity, the world of YouTube beauty tutorials provided a sanctuary of comfort, creativity, and connection. It became more than just a platform for makeup enthusiasts; it became a lifeline that guided me through the tumultuous journey of my mother’s cancer battle. Beyond the brushes and eyeshadows, the beauty community offered solace, strength, and a renewed perspective on the healing power of seemingly simple yet profoundly impactful online connections.