How to grow longer eyelashes in 3 easy steps

Want to know how to get eyelashes that are full and long? You can replace sparse and aging eyelashes with strong, healthy ones by following the right routine.

Keep your eyelashes as soft as possible.

Mascara has always been our first choice when we want to fake longer lashes. Low-quality makeup can contain harsh chemicals and dyes, which can make lashes brittle. If you rub your eye makeup off with jarring motions, it can thin lashes and cause them to fall out. False eyelashes aren’t any better, as the glue can damage or weaken hairs when applied and removed.

Fix: Give your lashes some time off from makeup every couple of weeks. Choose a mineral-based mascara with a gentle formula like Jane Iredale’s The Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Maskcara. It contains natural extracts to help hydrate and lengthen lashes.

Instead of rubbing, soak two cotton pads in Avene Gentle Eye Makeup remover and gently press them against your eyes for about 30 seconds. It will break down makeup without requiring you to scrub or tug it. You can easily remove every trace.

Try a mascara conditioner.

You wouldn’t shampoo your hair without using a conditioner that hydrates, would you? Think of the frizz. You don’t need to worry as much about frizz, but you should be concerned about the fragility of your lashes.

Fix: Using a professional lash conditioning product in the evening as part of your bedtime routine can strengthen and hydrate thin eyelashes. Jan Marini Marini, Eyelash Conditioner promotes longer, fuller and stronger lashes by combining nourishing peptides with biotin, hydrating hyaluronic acids, and strengthening hyaluronic.

Apply eyelash serum.

Eyelash serums will help you achieve a new level of beauty. Eyelash serums are different from eyelash conditioners because they contain more award-winning active ingredients that prevent breakage and fallout and encourage growth. Remember to be patient. You may need to wait a few months before you see a noticeable difference in your lashes.

Dr. Schlessinger highly recommends LATISSE, a prescription eyelash growth treatment, for maximum results. This treatment is effective in restoring lash fullness, thickness, and darkness. It does this by keeping the lashes longer in their growth phase. This treatment stimulates growth and reduces shedding. You’ll see initial results in four weeks. After 16 weeks, you can expect to see full results.

You can use Alphaeon Beauty Eyelash Serum if you cannot get LATISSE or if you prefer to try an alternative. This serum contains peptides, biotin, and hyaluronic acids to hydrate while strengthening lashes. Pumpkin seed extract is rich in essential minerals and fatty acids, which help strengthen lashes. You can see a difference after eight weeks of using the product once daily.